934943: Ready-to-Read, Level 1: Martin Luther King Jr. Day Ready-to-Read, Level 1: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
By Margaret McNamara & Mike Gordon / Aladdin Paperbacks

Mrs. Conner's first grade class visits a museum and learns about the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. When they return to class, they share their own dreams for how to make the world a better place.Recommended for ages 4 to 6.

Ready-to-Read books come in four levels. Level 1, "Starting to Read," highlights simple stories with increased vocabulary and longer sentences.

447230: Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
By Bonnie Bader, Elizabeth Wolff & Nancy Harrison / Grosset & Dunlap

Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.? What is he best remembered for?

Helping to organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Martin Luther King would go on to organize African-Americans across the country to demand their Civil Rights. Using nonviolent methods to achieve voting, desegregation, and economic justice, he spoke out against injustice until his assignation in 1968. 80 illustrations and clear text provide a clear portrait of the life of an American hero. 112 pages, softcover. Grades 1-7.

066824: Martin Luther King, Jr. Biography FunBook Martin Luther King, Jr. Biography FunBook
By Carole Marsh & Sherry Moss(Editor) / Gallopade International

Everyone's favorite way to learn about America's bravest citizens! Easy-to-read information, facts, trivia, humor and activities are all included in Biography Funbooks! Discover what Martin Luther King Jr. spent his life trying to accomplish, and how his dream lived on even after his tragic death. Ages 7-12. 14 pages, paperback.
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Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Building, New York City
Ebenezer Baptist Church where Dr. King preached
Martin Luther King boyhood home
MLK memorial plaque
Martin Luther King Jr.
MLK memorial
Martin Luther King tomb at the memorial center in Atlanta, Georgia
Tomb of Martin Luther King and his wife
Martin Luther King with the marchers in Selma, Alabama
Statue of MLK in Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, Alabama
President Ronald Reagan signing legislation for MLK holiday
20th Century Christian martyrs, Westminster Abbey, London
MLK statue
Martin Luther King statue in Fresno, California
King memorial in West Palm Beach, Florida
MLK statue at the University of Texas in Austin
Martin Luther King in the rotunda of the Capitol Building, Washington D.C.
Statue of MLK in Riverside, California
MLK Cornerstone memorial, Omaha, Nebraska
Mayor Wagner of New York greets Dr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr.