633355: Your Story Hour Volume 6 - Audiobook on CD Your Story Hour Volume 6 - Audiobook on CD
By Your Story Hour

Like old-time radio, these 24 riveting historic dramas bring to life exciting chapters from America's past. Backed by music and sound effects, a professional cast re-enacts the tests and triumphs of both celebrated and lesser known people such as Benjamin Franklin, Belva Ann Lockwood, Walter Reed, Booker T. Washington, and Glenn Cunningham. 12 one-hour CDs in a vinyl storage case.

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Walter Reed grave
Window over the altar at Walter Reed Chapel
New Walter Reed Medical Center to open in 2011
Walter Reed birthplace historical marker
Walter Reed Army Medical Center sign
Walter Reed Seminary
Oldest photo of Walter Reed Hospital
The original Walter Reed Hospital as it looks today
World War 1 patients at Walter Reed Hospital
1918 newspaper published by Walter Reed Hospital
Walter Reed Birthplace
Walter Reed Hospital 1919
Walter Reed Middle School, Los Angeles, California
Major Walter Reed
Picture of Walter Reed