1600553: Defining Noah Webster: A Spiritual Biography Defining Noah Webster: A Spiritual Biography
By K. Alan Snyder / Xulon Press

In this masterful biography, professor and political historian K. Alan Snyder unfolds the life, times and political thought of Noah Webster, America's premier post-revolutionary educator. Snyder recounts how Webster rose from obscurity to become the father of early American education, and how his dramatic conversion to Christianity influenced the nation from colonial times to today. The son of a penniless farmer, and descendant of Pilgrim WIlliam Bradford, Webster achieved astounding succcess in influencing early-American intellectual and moral thought. But much about Noah Webster's life will come as a surprise to readers. As an entrepreneurial schoolmaster, Webster not only compiled and edited the nation's first textbooks and dictionaries, but he also championed the use of the Bible in schools. After his conversion, he abandoned the rational philosophies of the Enlightenment and evangelized his convctions that biblical truth out to be the bedrock for all civil government and education.

79342: Webster"s Advice to the Young Webster's Advice to the Young
By David Barton / Wallbuilders

Noah Webster was an influential Founding Father, serving as a soldier during the American Revolution and as a legislator in two states after the Revolution. He was the first Founding Father to call for a Constitutional Convention and was personally responsible for the copyright clause found in Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution. Like most of the Founding Fathers, Webster understood that the ability of our new government to endure would depend upon the quality of our educational system. Consequently, he became a leading educator and for almost six decades authored textbooks designed to transmit to subsequent generations the principles embodied in the government he had helped create. Two works he authored to help train future generations were his "Moral Catechism" (1783), and later his "Advice to the Young". These two powerful works are reprinted in this booklet and are beneficial not only for America's current students, but for former students never exposed to these words in their school textbooks. Recommended for ages 10 and up.

91424: Noah Webster, Sower Series Noah Webster, Sower Series
By Mott Media, Llc

As a boy, Noah was fascinated with language and education. He was troubled by the lack of interest shown by others in formal schooling, and the lack of books and proper facilities bothered him even more. When the fires of the Revolution broke out in the early 1770's, Noah was a student at Yale. Young and impressionable, he was singed by the flames of patriotism. He longed for a chance to join liberty's cause. He wrote down his thoughts about freedom and government, sharing them with leaders who would put together the United States Constitution. Many of his ideas were incorporated into the document. But more than a spokesman for democratic government, Noah Webster was a champion for youth and education. He knew what books needed to be written, wrote them, and fought for their acceptance within the school framework. Today, Webster is with us still. But he merits a place of honor beyond a name stamped on dictionaries around the world. He was a man who served his fellow man and his country with unselfish devotion. More importantly, he served his God with faith and love. For ages 9 to 13.

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Noah Webster Memorial Library, West Hartford, Connecticut
Inside the library
Noah Webster statue at Amherst College, Massachusetts
Noah Webster House sign
Front of Noah Webster House
Portrait of Noah Webster
Page from Noah Webster Dictionary 1911
Noah Webster's library in his house where he wrote the dictionary
Noah Webster statue at Bethany-Clark Memorial Library, Connecticut
Statue of Noah Webster in Hartford, Connecticut
Noah Webster grave
Noah Webster house in Dearborn, Michigan
Plaque on Noah Webster birthplace

Noah Webster Pictorial Dictionary
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