Chalk Box Kid

Flat Stanley

Boxcar Children

Surprise Island

Stone Fox

Lily and Miss Liberty

Helen Keller

The Tree That
Would Not Die

Little House
in the Big Woods

Laura Ingalls Wilder Biography

Muggie Maggie

Finding the Titanic

Go Fish


Samuel's Choice

George Washington's

Beany Goes
To Camp

Amelia Bedelia Bookworm


Henry and Mudge
in Puddle Trouble

Nate the Great and the
Monster Mess

The second grade teachers at Dallas Christian School developed a reading program using children's literature . We chose books that we thought would be of value to our students and would co-ordinate with our science and social studies units. We got ideas from several sources, (See links below).

The books we taught were Chalk Box Kid, Flat Stanley, Boxcar Children, Stone Fox, Lily and Miss Liberty, Helen Keller, The Tree That Would Not Die, and Little House in the Big Woods. The other lessons have been contributed by other teachers.

We purchased paperback books and had our moms to help us cover them with clear contact paper to make them more durable.

Word study pages using a phonics approach were made for each lesson. Comprehension pages are included for most of the books. The lessons are free and available for your use. You can print them off and use them in any way that you see fit, but we ask that they not be published for profit.

You can find a synopsis of each book at .

This series of lessons was written by a team of second grade teachers at Dallas Christian School in the summer of 1999. Teachers working on the project were Charla Stigers, Beverly Sargent and Patsy Stevens.

You will find resources such as DVDs, books, games,and puzzles etc. to accompany some of the units.
We have added a page of children's classics which can be read online. You will find a synopsis for most of the books
plus suggestions for teaching the lessons.



Internet Resources for the Students to Accompany Each Book

439420: Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read, Kindergarten Edition Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read, Kindergarten Edition
By Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics' Learn to Read Program teaches kids the skills needed to become confident readers, giving them a foundation to build on through their education years and beyond. Utilizing workbooks, activities, fun stories, flash cards and reward stickers, children will gain not only an understanding of reading skills, but an appreciation for the joy that reading can bring. This kindergarten edition teaches letter sounds and short vowels. Ages 4-6.

This kit includes:

  • 1 interactive CD-ROM with 28 fun learning games (PC and MAC compatible)
  • 3 audio CDs to guide your child through the program
  • 5 sets of flash cards to teach letter names, letter sounds, and sight words, and for Word Play games
  • 1 workbook that includes fun activities and 17 great stories
  • 24 original books
  • 2 colorful progress posters with reward stickers
  • Parent's Guide

  • Christian Ebooks and reader

    601X: Reading Comprehension in Varied Subject Matter Book 2, Grade 4 Reading Comprehension in Varied Subject Matter Book 2, Grade 4
    By Jane Ervin / Educators Publishing Service

    Used successfully by classroom teachers, tutors, ESL teachers, and parents, these workbooks have just been revised and updated, with the addition of new reading selections, new vocabulary, and a new writing exercise. Each workbook has thirty-one selections in different subject areas. Within each workbook there are themes that relate the selections to one another, show different aspects of a topic, and give students a broad knowledge of the topic. Selections follow a consistent format: About the Passage introduces the selection to the the reader; Reason for Reading explains the reading skill emphasized; The Selection; Thinking it Over lists two to three broad questions to be answered in writing; Studying the Passage asks questions about the main idea, facts, and sequence, and asks students to draw conclusions, make assumptions, and interpret. Using the Words encourages students to use new vocabulary words in a paragraph, and Writing About It has students answer questions about the contents of the selection and offer their interpretation or opinion.

    Mommy, Teach Me to Read
    by Barbara Curtis (selected pages)

    Starfall activities for beginning readers

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    Armored Penguin Puzzlemaker, make puzzles using the vocabulary words.

    Johnny Can Spell Phonogram cards flash presentation

    Children's Literature - Resources for Teachers

    Reading Units Based on Children's Books

    Study guides for Children's Literature with reproducible activity pages

    Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site book reviews and teaching ideas.

    The Teacher's lesson plans and printable worksheets

    Literature Activities A to Z Teacher Stuff

    Beginning phonics based program with free worksheets and beginner books to order

    Jeana's FIAR Page unit studies and other resources

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    Scholastic a good book source

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    ecampus order books postage free

    BMI Novel-Ties resource books for various titles, 1-800-222-8100

    Free Worksheets RHL school

    Language ArtsUtah Education Network

    Flipping For Phonics Learn To Read - One of the best reading games for kids is Flipping for Phonics. Teach children 3 years and older how to read the fun and exciting way.

    Your local teacher's store will have a wealth of information .

    The silhouettes at the top of the page came from antique copies of a teacher magazine that were saved by a family member, Roxie Soules, who taught for many years in the school at Hermleigh, Texas.

    Safety Poster 1, Safety Poster 2, Character Poster.

    Elizabeth Upham-McWebb, "Aunt Bett" as she was called, drew the Safety Posters back in 1934.

    Aunt Bett died in 2004 at the age of 99. She lived on her own until the age of 97 in Monroe, Michigan. She had two roomers who helped her out with some of the chores and cooking. Up until her death she still painted Little Brown Bear on mugs for children who asked. Her friend Valerie Johnson contacted us and told us about "Aunt Bett".

    On October 7, 2002 Aunt Bett was honored with a statue of her Little Brown Bear

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