One of the essentials in learning to write well is learning the structure of sentences.
The teaching methods presented here were developed in the classroom
and used successfully with elementary age children.

They are offered free for your use.
You may run copies and duplicate the cards for your students.
Everything here is for non-profit duplication.
The cards for the students' use can be printed on card stock
and glued onto poster board for ease of manipulating.
The large poster cards were made by running copies on card stock,
mounting them on colored poster board, and laminating them.

Noun Page

Print poster

Print card

Verb Page

Print poster

Print card

Pronoun Page

Print poster

Print card

Adjective Page

Print poster

Print card

Adverb Page

Print poster

Print card

Preposition Page

Print poster

Print card

Object of Preposition

Print poster

Print card

Conjunction Page

Print poster

Print card

Article Page

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Review Song


Print poster

Print card

Print words to all the songs

Pronoun Song #2

Preposition Song #2

Teaching the Lesson and Using the Cards

1. Introduce each part of speech separately.
Sing the songs with the children and let them work the crossword puzzles.
At the online puzzle site you will find other formats for printing as well as answer keys.
The online game at Quia will give added opportunity for practice.
Spend as much time as necessary for the children to understand each concept.

2. After the noun and verb have been introduced, the children can begin to
work with simple sentences such as "Dogs bark."
The teacher writes the sentence on the board.
Each child will have a Ziploc bag containing the grammar cards.
The child will place a noun card followed by a verb card with the divider between them
to separate the subject from the predicate.

Then the teacher adds other parts of speech to make the sentence "The dog barks loudly."
On the desk the students should show an article and a noun followed by a verb card
with a divider placed vertically between the noun and verb.
An adverb is placed next to modify the verb and a period will be put at the end.

This picture illustrates the sentence "The dog barks loudly".

Larger view

3. The teacher puts the large poster size cards on the chalk tray
in the correct order and each child checks his/her work.

4. The teacher shows how to diagram the sentence and each student diagrams the sentence
on notebook paper as the teacher walks around and monitors the work.
The next sentence is diagrammed by the student
before the teacher shows the correct diagramming on the board.

5. The student writes 5 sentences using what he/she has learned in the diagramming lesson.

24681: Basic Winston Grammar Set Basic Winston Grammar Set
By Precious Memories Ed.

Teaching your kids the "nuts and bolts" of English grammar is crucial to their future success---not only in writing and reading English, but also in learning foreign languages. This comprehensive kit includes a student workbook with work sheets 1--30, quizzes, and a posttest; a complete teacher's manual (with answer keys); and color-coded "parts of speech" cards for your 9- to 13-year-olds. Also includes a handy vinyl storage case. Softcovers, from Precious Memories.

Webmaster's Note: I was using the teacher-made cards presented here at Garden of Praise long before I ever saw the Winston method. You may want to use some of their supplemental material.

24887: Basic Winston Grammar, Supplemental Workbook & Answer Key Basic Winston Grammar, Supplemental Workbook & Answer Key
By Precious Memories Ed.

In The Winston Grammar Program learning is incremental, with each lesson building upon previously-learned materials. All lessons after the first, therefore contain some built-in review. Most lessons introduce a new concept stated as a focus on a particular part of speech; however, some lessons are entirely review work. The student workbook includes a pre-test, post-test, quizzes and 30 individual lessons. This workbook is set up exactly as the Basic Level workbook (Stock #24685), but the sentences are different. This book is intended for further practice after finishing the Basic Level workbook. Pages are perforated for easy removal. This package also includes an answer key.

28141: Grammar Songs--CD and Book Grammar Songs--CD and Book
By Kathy Troxel / Audio Memory Publishing

Kids will love both dancing and singing along with these fun grammar songs as they learn how easy it is to remember grammar rules! These audio memory aids teach the parts of speech, basic sentence structure, punctuation, Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes and more!
This kit includes:
  • Audio CD with 19 songs
  • 68 page student workbook with song lyrics and written exercises
  • Teacher's Guide with activity suggestions and answer key

  • Grammar Resources

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