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If a word ends in consonant "y"
Here's a rule you must apply.
Change the "y" to "i" and then
Add the suffix to the end.

Watch out! (clap, clap)
Watch out! (clap, clap)
Don't use this rule with i-n-g
That puts two "i's" side by side.
"Don't do that!", the teacher cried.
(point finger in time to the music)


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Y Spelling Rule"

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reply + ed

"Does the root word (reply) end with 'consonant y'?" (yes, l-y)
If it does, then change the "y" to "i" and add the suffix.

reply + ed = replied

reply + ing

"Does the root word end in 'consonant y'?" (yes)
"Is the suffix 'ing'?" (YES!)
If the suffix is "ing", don't change the root word,
just add the suffix.

reply + ing = replying

(See what happens when you misuse the rule)



lazy + est

"Does the root word (lazy) end with a consonant before the 'y'? "(yes, z)
Change the "y" to "i" and add the suffix.


play + ful

"Does the root word (play) end with "consonant y"?
(NO! It ends with "vowel y") Don't change the word before adding the suffix.


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Rule-ette, A Spelling Game by Arlie Roffman


Find the correct spelling.

try trid tryed tried
cry cries crys cryes
play playd plaied played
reply replied replyed replyd
copy copiing copying copeing
baby babbies babys babies
lady ladies laddies ladys
delay delaied delayed delayd
pony ponyz ponys ponies
enjoy enjoyed enjoied enjoyd
fry friing fryying frying
cozy coziness cozyness cozziness
lucky luckiest luckyest luckiist
city citys cities cityes
shaky shakyer shakyyer shakier
destroy destroyed destroyd destroied
sticky stickyest stickyist stickiest
deny denyed denied denydt
stormy stormiest stormyest stormest

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