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Rules for Plurals

Research Paper
using Musical Spelling Rules


Long 8 Measure Introduction

Singular means one. (snap, snap)
Make a plural by adding "s".
But there's another rule we learn
To spell the rest.

Look at the end for "x" or "s", "s-h" or "c-h",
So we've heard
We need to add the suffix "e-s"
To the word.

And then with words like mouse and mice,
And goose and geese, and man and men,
We change the word to make the plural.
That's the rule my friend.

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Plural Words Rule"

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More than one girl = girls
More than one boy = boys
(add s to the root word)

More than one box = boxes
(The word box ends with x, so you add es)

More than one bus = buses
(The word bus ends with s, so you add es)

More than one brush = brushes
(Brush ends with sh, add es)

More than one coach = coaches
(Coach ends with ch, so you add es)

Some words change to make a plural.

More than one child = children
More than one woman = women

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Find the correct spelling.

day days dayes dayz
leg legz legges legs
peach peachs peaches peachhes
class clases classs classes
woman women womans wimmen
prefix prefixis prefixes prefixs
relay relaies relayes relays
child children childs chilren
paper pappers paperes papers
dress dresss dresses dressiz
patch patches patchhs patchs
brush brushs brushes brushiz
monkey monkeyes monkeyz monkeys
foot feets feet foots
wish wishes wishiz wishhes
tooth toothes tooths teeth
fox foxis foxes foxs
church churchiz churchs churches
pencil pencils pencills penciles
lunch lunchis lunches lunchs
ox oxs oxes oxen

Y Spelling Rule The 1-1-1 Spelling Rule

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