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Tune: "Anywhere With Jesus"

Verse 1
Mos-es was a shep-herd tend-ing to his flock.
He was on the moun-tain-side this spe-cial day.
Saw a bush was burn-ing, but it looked so strange,
It did not burn up an or-din-ar-y way.

Refrain :
Mos-es heard God's clear voice
Call-ing him that day.
"Mo-ses, Mo-ses", "Here I a-am",
He did say.

Verse 2 :
God had heard the cries in E-gypt of the slaves.
He had cho-sen Mo-ses to de-liv-er them.
Mo-ses did not think that he could do the job,
But God said to Moses He would be with him.

Mo-ses bowed to God's will.
Great things he would see.
"Mo-ses, Mo-ses", "Here I a-am,
Be with me."

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