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Tune: "Shall We Gather At the River"

Verse 1 :
Once there was a migh-ty war-rior,
Man of val-our wa-s he-e,
But he suf-fered a great- ill-ness;
The dis-ease we call lep-ro-sy.

Refrain :
His wife had a ser-vant girl as
Sweet and help-ful as a girl could be.
She told her mis-tress of E-li-sha.
He could help make her mas-ter free.

Verse 2 :
E-lisha sent a mes-sen-ger out.
Na-a-man got so ver-y ang-ry.
"Wash in that mud-dy Jor-dan riv-er,
That is not how I thought it would be!"

Refrain - Servants: :
"Mas-ter do just as he says and
Be cleaned from the dread-ed lep-ro-sy."
Na-a-man con-sid-ered words of wis-dom.
He o-beyed so that he could be free.

Verse 3:
He dipped one time in the riv-er,
Two times,and then num-ber three,
Four times, five, and then the sixth time,
Then the sev-en-th time dipped he.

Refrain :
He was then clean from his ill-ness.
Smooth and child-like skin then ap-pears.
God had blessed him with His heal-ing,
Now the sol-dier can serve Him for years.

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The song has a tune that is quite easy to learn. There's no kid's tune though. Overall, this is helpful. Thanks and God bless you more! ^^
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