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Tune: "Sweeter Than All"

Who is knock-ing at the door?
Loud-ly and clear, loud-ly and clear,
That's a voice I've heard be-fore.
Pe-ter is here! Pe-ter is here!

The People:
Dear lit-tle Rho-da, you must be wrong.
Pe-ter's in jail, and we've prayed so long.
The voice you hear his an-gel must be,
It's hard to be-lieve he real-ly is free.

The knock a-gain I must go see.
Pe-ter it's you, how hap-py they'll be!

Yes, it's me, an an-gel came.
God has saved me. Blessed be His name.

The chains fell right off, the guards did-n't see,
The gate o-pened up, and then I was free.
God does won-ders when we pray.
Let us re-joice on this hap-py day.

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