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Tune: "Is Thy Heart Right With God?"

Verse 1:
One day a man tra-vel'd to Jer-i-cho.
It was a fate-ful day.
He fell a-mong thieves and they left him for dead.
Who would come down his way?

Here comes a priest, he's saved!
No, he just looked, that's all.
I see a Le-vite, sure-ly he'-ll help.
He ans-wered not the call.

Verse 2:
He lay in pain as he suf-fered and bled,
When would a per-son care?
A ha-ted Sa-mar-i-tan come down the road.
You would not think he'd share.

He helped the wound-ed man,
Put him on his own beast.
Took him to shel-ter, paid for his room.
He cared more than the priest.

Verse 3:
This stor-y told by the Lord that fine day
Ans-wered the ques-tion here:
"Who is my neigh-bor?" We want to find out.
Je-sus will make it clear.

The man who stop-ped to help
Right when he saw the need,
He was the neigh-bor, such a good neigh-bor.
He's an ex-am-ple for me.

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