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Tune: "I Am Resolved"

Verse 1:
Je-sus went to the house o-of Mar-tha,
Mar-y and Laz-'rus, too.
Mar-tha was bu-sy pre-par-ing din-ner,
But what did Mar-y do?

Lord, make Mar-y help me,
I have so much to do.
She just sits there lis-'ning
She needs to serve you, too.

Verse 2:
Mar-tha, oh Mar-tha you are so bus-y,
That is a good thing too.
Mar-y has cho-sen the bet-ter part,
She's learn-ing what she should do.

Some things may be good, but
Oth-ers are bet-ter still.
I will choose the best part,
I'll do my Mas-ter's will.

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