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Tune: "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee" by Beethoven

Verse 1:
Je-sus rid-ing on a young colt
which no man had rid-den yet,
Rode in-to Je-ru-sa-le-m.
Ad-o-ra-tion he would get.

Let's pre-pare the way for-r Je-sus,
Put ou-r gar-ments on the ground.
Cut the branches, wave them, we will
Make for Him a joy-ful sound.

Verse 2:
Sing Ho-san-na, sing Ho-san-na,
Bless-ed is the One who comes
In the name of our great Lord
Ho-san-na in the high-est.

Bless-ed be the king-dom of Da-vid
Bless-ed is He who comes to-day.
Child-ren bless Him, all sing prais-es
Sing Ho-san-na all the way.

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This is a wonderful way to sing praises to our Lord. God bless whoever made this & thank you.
Call me Ty
very good sister god bless you
james from india
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