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Tune: "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning"

Verse 1:
Je-sus sat down by the treas-'ry
Saw the coins that peo-ple dropped.
Rich men cast in so much mon-ey,
Then a cer-tain wid-ow stopped.

"I am poor, but I love my Lord,
I will give the rest to Him,
And I know that He will bless me,
Though my pros-pects look so dim."

Verse 2:
Je-sus called his helpers to him,
"Look and see what she has done.
She has giv-en just two coi-ns,
But re-main-ing she had none."

Rich men had a lot left o-ver.
They could live so ver-y well,
But she gave her ver-y liv-ing."
And her sto-ry we still tell.

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love this story. It lets us know it's better to give than receive
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