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Tune: "Where the Gates Swing Outward Never"

Verse 1:
Je-sus sad-dest days we will sing of here
Were the last he spent on ear-th.
He would be be-trayed, He would be dis-pised,
But this was the plan since His birth.

He ate sup-per with His dis-ci-ples in
A pre-pared for up-per ro-om.
Ju-das left the group to be-tray our Lord.
Je-sus knew His time was so-on.

Verse 2:
He went out to pray in the gar-den then.
It was called Geth-sem-a-ne,
His dis-ci-ples slept. They could not watch there.
They were not good friends, these three.

Men ar-rest-ed him, then they tried him there.
It was an un-fa-ir tri-al.
They con-demned to death our dear Lord that night,
Then we hear Pe-ter's de-ni-al.

Verse 3:
On a cross He died for our sins that day.
How we love Him for his de-ed.
He did not want to bear the ag-o-ny,
But he loved us, saw our need.

Chorus :
We will love Him all of our days on earth
For his gift is ver-y pre-cious.
Tell the world to-day, Je-sus paid the price.
With His blood He tru-ly saved us.

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We are a very small mission in North Georgia and being able to access all of this wonderful help is truly precious. We are grateful. Also it reminds me of my youth days in church.
Hm Senter
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