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Tune: "Good King Wenceslas"

Verse 1:
Jacob had a favorite child;
Joseph his young son.
Made a special coat for him,
But not for everyone.

His ten brothers hated him,
Thought it was not fair.
Wanted to get rid of him.
They just did not care-are-are.

Verse 2: The Brothers:
See that dreamer coming, let's
Throw him in the well.
We will soon be rid of him.
None of us will tell.

Here come traders down the road.
We will sell our brother.
Favorite son will then be gone.
We will have each oth-oth-er.

Verse 3:
They killed a goat and in the blood
Dipped his special clothes.
Let their poor old father grieve
As ev-ry'bo-dy knows.

Years would pass before the truth
Would be fully known.
Joseph lived in Egypt land
Till he was full grow-ow-own.

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i love jesus is wonderful in the world please help my brother in jail.
God will bless not just you but your generation to come for this wonderful work to God. I enjoy every part of it
Effiong Johnson
I have always enjoyed this website. It is great!
Ashlyn M
I like Joseph and he was a great man...
Im a kindergarten teacher and i use these stories with my children...thanks a million for these stories and songs!
Simmy G
This is great! Thank you!!
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