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Tune: "Bringing in the Sheaves"

Verse 1:
Saul was on his way to the ci-ty of Da-mas-cus.
He per-se-cu-ted Christ-ians ev-'ry day,
But the Lord had oth-er plans for Saul of Tar-sus.
Je-sus spoke to him while he was in the way.

Je-sus spoke to him, Je-sus spoke to him,
"Why are you per-se-cu-ting me this way?"
"Lord what should I do? Lord what should I do?"
"Go in-to the city, hear An-a-ni-as say:"

Verse 2:
"Bro-ther Saul a-rise and re-ceive you-r sigh-t.
Je-sus has a spe-cial job for you to do.
Sau-l now a-rise, wash a-way your sins, be bap-tized.
You shall preach to Gen-tiles." This is some-thing new.

Scales fell from his eyes. He re-ceived his sight.
He o-beyed the Lord and turned his life a-round.
You too have a task God has planned for you.
Trust Him and the way for you will soon be found.

Hear the tune "Bringing in the Sheaves" by George A. Minor.
(Click on "Titles", then choose "B" and scroll down until you find the song.)
You will need to "Pause" the midi at the top of the page if it is playing.

Watch the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus.

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