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Tune: "We Have an Anchor (Chorus tune only)"

Verse 1:
John, oh John, cou-sin of the Lord
Sent by God to pre-pare the way.
Tell-ing all the peo-ple to re-pent.
"You should change your ways while it still is day."

Verse 2:
Be bap-tized in the river here.
God will for-give and your way make clear.
There is One who will come with great pow'r,
And the Ho-ly Spir-it give that hour.

Verse 3:
His food did not cost mon-ey.
He ate lo-custs and wild hon-ey.
Re-pent, re-pent change your ways.
You must not keep sin-ning ev-'ry day.

Hear the tune "We Have an Anchor" by William J. Kirkpatrick. (Click on "Titles", then choose "W" and scroll down until you find the song.)
You will need to "Pause" the midi at the top of the page if it is playing.

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Thank you so much for your precious good Bible learning site which will be very good food provided for our precious children and descendants to come~!! God bless this site and cherish it for long~!! Stephanie from Korea
Thank you for this website, which is really helped my kids to understand more about Jesus.

Thank you very much,

Trung Chau Pham family--
hi!! thank you for this very helpful, i enjoy it and the children i work with thank you ...
Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know really quick first off that your songs are beautiful and secondly that some of the links to the free downloadable songs are not working. I also wanted to let you know that it should be very easy to fix. For instance, when clicking on "Cornelius" it takes you to the following link with "page not found"... In order to get it to work, all I did was remove the "-1" towards the end of that link. I found that I had to do that to several links to get them to work. In order to permanently fix this, it should be relatively simple. All you have to do is change the filenames of all of your song titles to either include the "-1" or not include the "-1" and then change the links to match them. :) Thank you so much for the spiritual food :)
Jordan Darga
Great site, use it with my grandchildren. Thanks for the help. They love it!
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