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Tune: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"

Verse 1:
Je-sus came to John one da-y
To be bap-tized by his friend.
John at first re-fused to do it.
Je-sus told him there and then,

"We must ful-fill right-ous-ne-ss."
John re-luc-tant-ly o-beyed.
Then a dove de-scend-ed on Him
And a voice was heard to say,

Verse 2:
"This is my be-lov-ed So-n.
In Him I am pleased so well."
Fa-ther, Son and Ho-ly Spir-it
All ap-peared and we can tell

He was rea-dy for His mis-sion.
Man-y tri-als lay a-head.
He would be tempt-ed and tried by
Those who wished to see him dead.

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this wonderful. In fact i've never experience this in my life
May God continues 2 increase this wisdom in you
mike adeyemi rothmi

Why don't you add chords to the nice melodies of your hymns?

Congratulations and thanks.

M. Roberge
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