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Tune: "Are You Sowing the Seed of the Kingdom?"

Verse 1:
Nic-o-de-mus came to the Lord one ni-ght.
It was dark as it could be.
He be-lieved that Je-sus was sent from G-od
E-ven though he was a Phar-i-see.

Je-sus said, "You must be born a-gain
Or God's king-dom you will nev-er see.
Oh the man was puz-zled, he could not i-ma-gine
How a bir-th such as that could be.

Verse 2:
Je-sus taught him then,"As the pro-phet Mo-ses
Lift-ed up the snake on high,
E-ven so the Son of Man must be lift-ed u-p
For the sins of man-kind he must die.

"For God so lov-ed th-e world
That He gave His One and on-ly Son
That who-e-ver be-lieves in Hi-m shall not per-ish
Bu-t ha-ve ev-er-last-ing life.

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nicodemus knew God but he wanted things done
his way.he wanted short cuts
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It's so wonderful website. Jesus bless your service and use you to serve his glory name
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