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Tune: "Bring Them In"

Verse 1 :
No-ah you are a man so good;
Try-ing to do the things you should.
Build me an ark ex-act-ly so.
I will be with you where you go.

Chorus :
Bring them in, bring them in
Bring your fam-'ly from a-mong these men.
Bring them in, bring them in
They'll be safe with-in the ar-ark.

Verse 2: :
You must pro-tect the an-i-mals too
I'll make them come right in to you.
Two of each kind is what you'll see
Store food for each one. Trust in me.

Chorus :
Bring them in, bring them in
Bring the an-i-mals with your own kin.
Bring them in, bring them in.
They'll be safe with-in the ar-ark.

Verse 3:
For for-ty days the rain was heard.
Noah was safe - God kept His word.
For man-y months they stayed in-side.
Wait-ed un-til the earth was dried.

Chorus :
Bring them out, bring them out
Now leave the ar-ark and walk a-bout.
Bring them out, bring them out
Look at the sky and see the rain-bow.

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