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Tune: "The Lily of the Valley (I Have Found a Friend In Jesus)"

Verse 1:
Caes-a-re-a Phil-i-ppi-i the Lord has come to you.
His dis-ci-ples were with Him in that fair land.
"Who do peo-ple say that I am?"
The ques-tion that he asked.
"What do they think of the com-ing Son of Man?"

"Some say you're John the Bap-tist,
E-li-jah, o-thers too.
Jer-e-mi-ah or one of the pro-phets old."
But then Je-sus asked the ques-tion,
"And you, who do you say
That I am, what say you, what have you been told?"

Verse 2:
Pe-ter spoke right up and ans-wered,
He wa-vered not at all.
"Of the liv-ing God you are the Christ, the Son."
"Bless-ed are you Si-mon Pe-ter
My Fath-er has re-vealed
This to you and you are now the cho-sen one."

I'll build My church and Ha-des
Will ne-ver o-ver-come it and
Then my spe-cial ser-vant will be you.
I will give to you the keys of
The kingdom and on earth
What you bind will be bound
There in hea-ven too."

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Thank you for this wonderful sight! It is a great resource. Last year I used this song with my class, but this year it won't play! Thank you!

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