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Tune: "Take the Name of Jesus With You"

Verse 1:
Laz-'rus was a friend of Je-sus.
One day he so ill be-came.
Je-sus did not go right to him
So glo-ry would come to His name.

Laz-rus died. Je-sus came.
Mar-tha met Him on the way.
"Lord if you had been he-re
He would not have died that day."

Verse 2:
Je-sus com-fort-ed his fri-end.
"He who be-lieves in Me will live."
Je-sus wept with his good friends and
Gave what on-ly He could give.

"Laz-a-rus, now come out!"
He came from the tomb straight-way.
"Un-bind him. Let him go-o".
What re-joic-ing on that day!.

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Nice song! And it is a great subject of course. :)
Kord Taylor
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