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Tune: "The Great Physician"

Verse 1:
On Pen-te-cost so long a-go
The wind blew vio-lent-ly,
And God the Ho-ly Spir-it sent.
The peo-ple then did se-e
What looked like tongues of fire on them.
Lang-uag-es un-known men did speak.
What a wond-rous sight they saw,
Men so mild and mee-k.

Verse 2:
With the E-lev-en Pe-ter stood,
And bold-ly to them preach-ed.
"Je-sus was proved by mir-a-cles
As He out to you reach-ed.
But the Son you have cru-ci-fied.
By wick-ed hands He then did die,
But God raised Him from the dead,
Now He reigns on hi-gh.

Verse 3:
Then they were cut right to the heart
And said, "What shall we d-o?"
Re-pent and be bap-tized to-day
And God will for-give yo-u.
He will e-rase sin from your life,
Send you the Ho-ly Ghost with-in,
And three thou-sand changed their lives.
Left their ways of si-n.

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