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Tune: "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms"

Verse 1:
Pe-ter on the roof at high noon one day
Hung-ry was, but in a trance he went.
Saw a sheet let down by four corn-ers there,
And a vi-sion by his God was sent.

Birds and rep-tiles
Of ev-'ry kind four-foot-ed beasts.
"Kill and eat," said God,
But Pe-ter thought it sin to eat.

Verse 2:
"Do not call un-clean what I God have cleansed,"
Said the Lord, and then up went the sheet.
Two more times the same scene ap-peared to him,
Then God sent some men for him to meet.

"Go and preach,
A man's wait-ing for good news to hear.
Though a Gen-tile,
Teach Cor-ne-lius, go and do not fear".

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