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Tune: "We Shall See the King Someday"

Verse 1:
One time in the night Paul had a vi-sion clear.
God was call-ing him that way.
A man from Ma-ce-do-nia said, "Come help us here."
Paul o-beyed with-out de-lay.

They went to Phil-ip-pi and then
On the Sab-bath went to pray
By the riv-er-side.Some wo-men were there too.
Ly-di-a was there that day.

Verse 2:
She was a fine mer-chant, sel-ler of the cloth.
Roy-al pur-ple was her ware.
As she lis-tened to the mess-age Paul would say
God would o-pen her heart there.

She was ea-ger for Paul's words.
She be-gan to trust in him.
She was bap-tized with her house-hold in the Lord.
And o-pened up her home to them.

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Watch as Jesus knocks at the door.

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i thank God 4 dis site it filld ma heart desire
lydia pitman
i really thank my Lord and my God for having you, especially your site,you're a great help to our newly established "secret" bible study group here in Saudi Arabia.I will use the song entitled Lydia for our next topic.Godbless you!.

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