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Tune: "Come to Jesus"

Verse 1:
Saul of Tar-sus, man of G-od
In a form-er time had been
Per-se-cu-tor of the Christ-ians
Un-a-ware he lived in sin.

Je-sus called him.
Je-sus changed him
Now he preach-es with great might.
Teach-es peo-ple of the Christ and
Ur-ges them to all live right.

Verse 2:
In Da-mas-cus Christ-ians fear him,
But he wins them and with pow'r
Proves that Je-sus is the Chri-st,
And con-verts them hour by hour.

Jews con-spired to kill him ther-e.
An es-cape his friends did plan.
Let him down in a big bas-ket
'Ore the wall to save the man.

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THANKS so much for these lessons. I have been able to use them in Jr. Church.
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