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Tune: "Church in the Wildwood"

Verse 1:
The Spi-rit re-vealed spe-cial plans
For His ser-vants. The church di-d pray.
Paul and Barn-a-bas had a great mis-sion,
So the church sent them on their way.

Then they sailed, sailed, sailed, sailed,
Sailed to the is-land of Cy-prus.
A sor-cer-er there they did see.
E-ly-mas was prac-ti-cing his ma-gic
For a trick-y per-son was he.

Verse 2:
Paul preached to the is-land of-fi-cial
The gos-pel he want-ed to learn,
Bu-t E-ly-mas spoke a-gain-st them.
He op-posed them at ev-'r-y turn.

Paul said E-ly-mas you son of the de-vil
You shall not be a-ble to see for a time.
He looked for a per-son to lea-d him
For the man had now be-come blind.

Verse 3:
Now Ser-guis Paul-us was the rul-er
Who want-ed to learn of the Lord.
When he saw the won-der-ful pow'r of God
He be-lieved Paul's life sav-ing word.

Then the preach-ers walked, walked,
Walked 'ore the coun-try and hill-side,
And caused man-y peo-ple to be-lieve.
Though they suf-fered much per-se-cu-tion
The-y knew a re-ward they'd re-ceive.

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