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Tune: "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing"

Verse 1:
Paul was a pris-o-ner in Rome.
A guard was by his side.
But friends could come and vis-it him,
And this ser-vant al-ways tried

Verse 2:
To tell of Je-sus and His love
To those who came to hear,
And some be-lieved the words of Paul,
Bu-t oth-ers were not near.

Verse 3:
Some heard but nev-er un-der-stood,
Saw, but did not per-ceive,
They closed their eyes and stopped their ears
For they just would not be-lieve.

Verse 4:
I'll o-pen up my heart to-day
God's mes-sage to be-lieve.
With eyes to see and ears to ear
Je-sus Christ I will re-ceive.

Suggested hand motions for song:

Line 1 - hands made into fists, arms crossed at wrists as if shackled
Line 2 - right hand pretends to hold a spear upright
Line 3 - beckon with both hands to "come in"
Line 4 -

Line 5 - trace heart on chest with both hands
Line 6 - index fingers rest on side of face pointing to ears
Line 7 - nod head "yes"
Line 8 - shake head "no"

Line 9 - cross arms with frown on face
Line 10 - point to eyes
Line 11 - shut eyes tight and stop ears with fingers
Line 12 - keep eyes shut and fingers in ears and shake head "no"

Line 13 - make heart on chest with index fingers
Line 14 - make an open Bible with open palms
Line 15 - point to eyes then ears
Line 16 - cup hands in front to receive a blessing

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Thank you for giving of your talents in helping struggling sunday school teachers to teach their children about Jesus. I was looking for the story about Onesimus who ran away from his master Philemon. Philemon was Paul's friend and so when Onesimus ended up in Rome as Paul's friend and became a christian too, Paul set him back to Philemon with a letter asking Philemon to forgive Onesimus and to take him back. You have the story of Paul in prison so I will just need to add on from there I guess.
Ernestine from Grand Rapids, MI
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