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87777: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
By Frederick Douglass / Simon & Schuster Trade Sales

Fredrick Douglass' account of his life as a slave, and finally as a freedman, is one of the most dramatic talesin American history. First published when the author was only 28, after just achieving his fredom, he presents us with a vivid portrait of the harsh injustices and dehumanization that slavery had upon African Americans. His refreshing and eloquent prose popularized his autobiography, and helped him launch his carerr as a minister and abolitionist. This Enriched Classicedition also contains and outline of key themes, detailed explanatory notes, critical analysis, discussion questions and more. 182 pages, softcover.

805228: A Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Statesman - Unabridged Audiobook on CD A Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Statesman - Unabridged Audiobook on CD
By Brilliance Audio

Learn about Frederick Douglass, who was the foremost American abolitionist of the 19th century. He founded the first African-American newspaper, North Star, in 1847, and he was a U.S. minister to Haiti; the story of Douglass's life makes for inspirational listening. This compelling biography will give listeners a deeper understanding of how slavery shaped American history.

Unabridged audio CD; approximately 1 hour 50 minutes; 1 CD.

Silas Marner by George Eliot (read online)

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39750: Silas Marner Silas Marner

Wrongly accused of theft and exiled from a religious community many years before, the embittered weaver Silas Marner lives alone in Raveloe, existing only for work and his precious hoard of money. But when the money is stolen and an orphaned child finder her way into his house, Silas is given the chance to transform his life. His fate, and that of the little girl he adopts, is entwined with Godfrey Cass, son of the village Squire, who, like Silas, is trapped by his past. This book combines humour, rich symbolism and pointed social criticism to create an unsentimental but affectionate portrait of rural life.

975163: Silas Marner - Focus on the Family Radio Theatre audiodrama on CD Silas Marner - Focus on the Family Radio Theatre audiodrama on CD
By George Eliot / Tyndale House

Having suffered the loss of his fiancee, friends, reputation and worst of all, his faith in God, Silas Marner finds his faith in gold. He stores it - even hoards it - until one day it's stolen. Devastation is replaced by a golden-haired, young girl who wins his heart. But, will this treasure be taken from him too? It's a timeless story of the simple power of a little girl's love and how it transformed one man's life. Family Radio Theatre® is a registered trademark of Focus on the Family. All rights reserved.

763561: Edcon Study Guide: Silas Marner Edcon Study Guide: Silas Marner
By Edcon Publishing Group

This book is designed to be used for homeschooling or as supplemental work for second graders. There are ten short stories on Silas Marner. Each story section contains vocabulary words, definitions, comprehension and vocabulary activities. There are ten lessons, comprehension check answer key and vocabulary check answer key.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (read online)

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039091: The Wind in the Willows The Wind in the Willows
By Kenneth Grahame / Penguin Classics

Join Mr. Toad, Water Rat, Badger, and Mole for a series of adventures through life that will leave you breathless. Appropriate for all ages, this crew of unlikely characters will entertain and teach life lessons for all to enjoy. Stunning illustrations bring the story to life. 240 pages, softcover from Penguin.

372089: The Wind in the Willows, Novel Units Teacher"s Guide, Grades 5-6 The Wind in the Willows, Novel Units Teacher's Guide, Grades 5-6
By Kenneth Grahame / ECS Learning Systems

This Novel Units teacher's guide is designed to accompany the (not-included) novel The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

Including a number of teacher's helps, exercises, discussion questions, assessment tools, graphic organizers, writing and art ideas, critical thinking challenges, extension activities, glossary and more, this book is a convenient guide to facilitating discussion. Background information includes a summary, information about the author, and ideas for initiating activity; the discussion questions follow the chapters in the book. Page numbers are included, which reference the edition quoted in the front cover. Please note that the student packet includes the answers to the student book, not this teacher's edition. Paperback. Grades 5-6.

Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey (read online)

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184406: Riders of the Purple Sage Riders of the Purple Sage

A great drama of psyche and landscape, Zane Grey's bestselling 1912 adventure romance is the definitive Western novel, with popular appeal and distinct codes of chivalry and toughness.

Grimm's Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm (read online)

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456560: Grimm"s Fairy Tales Grimm's Fairy Tales

Early in the nineteenth century, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm compiled a collection of stories to preserve the folklore of their native Germany. Forty-three of them--fairy tales, some deliciously dark, that have bewitched readers for generations--are gathered here. Translated into more than 150 languages, these well-loved narratives brim with fearless heroes, humble and hard working heroines, and treacherous villains, exploring themes of innocence, curiosity, and revenge.

Rich in detail, lyrical on phrase, these masterful translations by Margaret Hunt capture the flavor of the original Grimm tales. Here are classics such as "Rapunzel," "Hädnsel and Grethel," "Thumbling," "Cinderella," "The Bremen Town-Musicians," "The Wolf and Seven Little Kids," The Fisherman and His Wife," and "Little Snow-White." These cherished fables, created from centuries-old oral tradition, await rediscovery by children and adults alike. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

449718: Grimm"s Fairy Tales Unabridged Audiobook on CD Grimm's Fairy Tales Unabridged Audiobook on CD
By Brothers Grimm & Robin Field / Mission Audio

First published by brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm in 1812 as a collection of retold Germanic folk stories, this collection of such well-known fairytales as Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty transports listeners to a realm where "Once upon a time" often ends up "happily ever after", and where giants, princesses, kings and fairies pursue power, find true love, have all sorts of magical adventures-and in the process reveal multi-faceted truths about human nature.

Unabridged audio CD; approximately 8.5 hours; 7 CDs.


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Aesop Aesop's Fables

Alcott, Louisa May Little Women

Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales

Anderson, Victor Tom Swift and His Motor Boat

Anonymous Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan

Baum, L.Frank The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Brooks, Elbridge S. The True Story of Christopher Columbus

Burnett, Frances Hodgson A Little Princess

Little Lord Fauntleroy

The Secret Garden

Carroll, Lewis Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass

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DeFoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe

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Douglass, Frederick The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Eliot, George Silas Marner

Grahame, Kenneth The Wind in the Willows

Grey, Zane Riders of the Purple Sage

Grimm Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales

Harris, Joel Chandler Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit

Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter

Headland, Isaac Taylor The Chinese Boy and Girl

O Henry The Four Million, short stories

Hope, Laura Lee The Bobbsey Twins at Home

Irving, Washington The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Kipling, Rudyard The Jungle Book

Linderman, Frank B. Indian Why Stories

Lofting, Hugh The Story of Dr. Doolittle

London, Jack The Call of the Wild

White Fang

Loon, Hendrik Van The Story of Mankind

Montgomery, Lucy Maud Anne of Green Gables

McGuffey, William The New McGuffey Fourth Reader

McLaughlin, Marie L. Myths and Legends of the Sioux

Mulock (Maria Dinah Craik) The Little Lame Prince

Nesbit, E. The Enchanted Castle

Nicolay, Helen The Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln

Perkins, Lucy Fitch The Belgian Twins

Poe, Edgar Allen The Raven

The Tell-Tale Heart

Porter, Eleanor H. Pollyanna

Potter, Beatrix The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Pyle, Howard The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Sewell, Anna Black Beauty, the Autobiography of a Horse

Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet

Shaw, George Bernard Pygmalion

Spyri, Johanna Heidi

Steedman, Amy Stories of the Italian Painters

Stevenson, Robert Louis Treasure Island


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Swift, Jonathan Gulliver's Travels

Tarkington, Booth Penrod

Tolstoy, Leo Childhood

Twain, Mark The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Verne, Jules Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Various Author Twilight Stories

Washington, Booker T. Up From Slavery

Webster, Jean Daddy Long Legs

Wells, H.G. The War of the Worlds

Wiggin, Kate Douglas The Arabian Nights

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Wilde, Oscar The Happy Prince

A House of Pomegranates

Williams, Margery The Velveteen Rabbit

Wyss, Johann David The Swiss Family Robinson

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