These Bible stories can be viewed online or the PDFs can be printed and used as story cards. You may want to print them on cardstock to make them more durable, or if you print them on paper you can make them into a book. All the pictures used are in the public domain.

Activities and games for these stories can be found at Children's Bible Lessons

The Bible lessons (including 93 Spanish and Amharic translations) will soon be available on a CD if you would like to use them where there is no internet connection.

The Creation Noah Abraham
Jacob Joseph Joseph and His Brothers
Moses The Exodus The Ten Commandments
The Twelve Spies Jericho Gideon
Samson Ruth David and the Giant
David and Jonathan Solomon Elijah
Naaman Three Brave Boys Daniel
Esther Jonah The Child Jesus
The Miracles of Jesus The Good Samaritan The Teachings of Jesus
Jesus and the Children The Apostles Mary and Martha
Going to Jerusalem The Widow's Gift The Last Supper
Jesus in the Garden The Trial of Jesus The Crucifixion
The Resurrection The Ascension The Lame Man Healed
The Apostle Paul Heaven John the Baptist
The Baptism of Jesus The Temptation of Jesus Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Nicodemas The Healing at Bethesda The Beatitudes
Jesus Feeds the Multitude Peter's Confession The Pharisees and Sadducees
Blind Bartimaeus The Ten Lepers Down Through the Roof
The Raising of Lazarus The Rich Young Ruler Zacchaeus
The Parable of the Talents The Wise and Foolish Virgins Pentecost
The Stoning of Stephen Philip the Evangelist Dorcas
Peter's Vision Cornelius Barnabas
Peter's Escape From Prison Lydia The Philippian Jailer
Paul in Damascus Paul's First Missionary Journey Paul's Second Missionary Journey
Paul in Athens Paul in Corinth Paul's Third Missionary Journey
The Riot in Ephesus Paul Leaves Ephesus Paul in Jerusalem
Paul Before the Governors The Shipwreck Paul in Rome
Eve Hannah Sarah
Hagar Noah's Wife Rebekah
Rachel Leah Jochebed, Mother of Moses
Pharaoh's Daughter Mary, the Mother of Jesus Elizabeth

Amharic Bible Lessons

Las Historias de la Biblia en EspaƱol

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