Nathaniel and the sheep

In the Spring the female sheep give birth to lambs. Nathaniel's brother Benjamin has taken away all the male sheep so Nathaniel has 4 females in his flock. Each female is giving birth to one lamb. To find out how many sheep Nathaniel will have after the lambs are born we must multiply the 4 females by the multiplier 2 (each female becomes a mother and a lamb).
× sheep
= sheepsheep sheepsheep
lamblamb lamblamb
4 2 ?
Multiplication problems can also be shown as addition problems. In this case, the 4 lambs can be added to the 4 female sheep.
+ lamblamb
= sheepsheep lamblamb
sheepsheep lamblamb
To do multiplication quickly you must learn the multiplication table. Most people memorize the table up to 12 times 12...


For more help memorizing the multiplication table, visit the Musical Multiplication page. After you have memorized the table, practice your multiplication using these online Flash Cards. Change the level if you need the problems to be easier or harder.

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