Nathaniel woke up this morning and discovered that 2 of his 8 sheep are missing. They normally stay very close because they know there are dangerous animals about and Nathaniel protects them. Nathaniel is very worried, but he cannot leave the other sheep. It's a good thing his brother is coming with supplies today.
Nathaniel and the sheep

When Benjamin arrives, he agrees to stay and watch the sheep while Nathaniel goes in search of the 2 that are missing. How many sheep is Benjamin watching while Nathaniel is gone?
sheepsheep sheepsheep
sheepsheep sheepsheep
- sheep
= sheepsheepsheep
Nathaniel knows the sheep well. He has caught several of them wandering northward, so he sets off in that direction. Later in the day he finds them grazing in tall grass. This is much better than the hill they have been staying at. He will bring the entire flock here tomorrow, but first he must get back so his brother can go home. With a little persuasion, the 2 sheep follow him back to the flock.

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