June 7, 2008

According to an article by Alain Jehlen "the average student loses at least a month's worth of learning over the summer." We have a lot of fun things at Garden of Praise which can help with the retention of academic skills.

Summer Activities On this page you will find a list of enjoyable activities at Garden of Praise which will help your child retain the skills he/she has acquired during the past school year.

Online Word Searches The word searches contain words from the lessons. They can be printed or worked online. You can view all the puzzles on the Word Search puzzles page, and they also can be accessed at each of the individual lessons. The printable word searches are new to the art pages.

Online Word Scrambles The word scrambles have a short paragraph at the top of the page in which the student can find the words. On the printable copy the words can be circled and then written in the blanks. The online version can be checked and mistakes can be corrected.

Memory Puzzles These are online picture memory puzzles. The completed picture will be visible when all the matches have been made. My granddaughter Veronica will be working to complete these puzzles this summer.

Biography Coloring Pictures I have added pictures to color on the biography pages. These are all public domain pictures which can be copied and used by your students. A picture makes a nice addition to a booklet the child can make about a famous person.

My son, Elton is hosting the online puzzles on his site at...

He has a gadget which will enable you to add crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles to your Google desktop.

Linda Lawrence in her series, God's Exquisite Garden, has written three new Bible lessons for women and young adults.

Pride and Haughtiness In this lesson she cautions us of the dangers of pride and reminds us of the Bible admonition to "be willing to associate with people of low estate".

Kindness Linda exhorts us to be kind to one another and gives the examples of kindnesses shown by Ruth to her mother-in-law Naomi. She also tells of a kindness shown by Beethoven in the writing of the "Moonlight Sonata".

Respect She teaches us how we should have respect for one another, for the authority of the government, and above all we need to respect God and be obedient to Him.

A Personal Note

We had two granddaughters finishing high school this year. I was privileged to attend Veronica's graduation last month. She plans to work for a year in public service before starting college full time. Katie also graduated and will start to nursing school in the fall. We were not able to attend her graduation. Murray, my sweet husband is dealing with Alzheimer's disease and some days we are not able to do the things we had planned to do.

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The banner at the top of the page features my granddaughter Veronica. A wallpaper image of the picture of her smelling the flowers is available for you to download and enjoy. Veronica is now 18 years old and will graduate from high school this spring.

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