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Ideas for Using Garden of Praise Lessons

Biographies for Kids (Famous Leaders for Young Readers) includes over 100 biographies written just for young students. The vocabulary is on an elementary level and children will enjoy reading about famous people. There are research links for the student who wishes to learn more about the person.

For each biography there are worksheets and printable activities as well as online activities. Your child might enjoy a word search, crossword puzzle, scrambled words, alphabetical order page, or a jigsaw puzzle. We also have Online Tests. A teacher or parent can register and allow the students to take the tests which will be graded by the computer. The test grades can then be printed out.

Famous Paintings give the student an opportunity to learn about world-famous artists and their work. There is a picture of each work to color and he/she might want to try different mediums to create an original picture in the style of the selected artist. Each lesson includes free printable and online activities such as crossword puzzles and word searches, and computer graded tests.

You can find comprehension questions for 20 children's chapter books at Literature Based Reading Lessons . These lessons have all been prepared by teachers and used in the classroom.
We also now have Nursery Rhymes with listening comprehension questions for preschool children.

  • Musical Spelling Rules
  • Musical Multiplication
  • Grammar Songs
  • Bible Songs
  • Keyboard Lessons.
  • Guitar Lessons.
  • Songs for Pre-school and Kindergarten Children .
  • You will find many Bible Resources . The Children's Bible Lessons include the same activities as the biographies with an added bonus. The 75 lessons are recorded and the child can listen to the story and highlight each paragraph as the story unfolds. Several have used these lessons to teach English to students who are just learning to speak and read English. The Bible stories are now available in Spanish and Amharic. Spelling Lessons and Bible Songs accompany some of the Bible lessons.

    We have a collection of Online Classic Literature available for your viewing, everything from Aesop's Fables to The Swiss Family Robinson. You can read them online or download them to your computer. The children may want to check out the books from the library or teachers may want to buy classroom sets to use for instruction.

    Halls, Walls, and Bulletin Boards
    Over 150 illustrated school bulletin board ideas from creative teachers (K-5th grade).

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