July 17, 2008

We have several new activites this month to help you as you train and educate your child. Teachers will be looking for new ideas for the upcoming school year.

Paint Online Pictures of Bible stories, biographical characters, and famous art prints are ready for the student to paint online. You can choose from 180+ pictures.

Church Hymn Tunes This week I was looking for the sheet music to a hymn at Garden of Praise and realized there was no way to find it except to open each PDF separately. I decided that was not a very efficient way to do it, so I made an alphabetized list of all the hymn tunes I used in writing the Bible songs. Now you can search the list find the hymn tune you want and print it out.

Fill-in the Scripture These fill-in worksheets were created in response to a request for more fill-in type work sheets. The New King James Version of the Bible was used in making them. The scripture is in large print and takes up most of the page, then a second page has the Bible story in a large font you can print for your student to read.

Illustrated Bible Songs Pictures now accompany the Bible songs. Most of the pictures are different from the pictures that illustrate the Bible stories. Several sources of public domain pictures were used to illustrate the songs. One of my favorites is the
La Vista Church of Christ.

My son, Elton is hosting the coloring pages on his site at...

Look at his "Google Desktop" for themes and gadgets to add to your Google page.

Linda Lawrence in her series, God's Exquisite Garden, has written three new Bible lessons for women and young adults.

Modesty In this lesson she teaches about modesty in dress and behavior and freedom from pride and arrogance. She gives the example of Annie Oakley who designed and sewed modest dresses for herself at a time when the other women in the Wild West Show were dressing in scanty attire.

Lying Sometimes people lie with the words they use, and sometimes a lie is told just by leaving the wrong impression. Joseph's brothers didn't say their brother had been killed. They just presented Joesph's bloody coat and let their father draw his conclusion.

Lewdness The Christian is to rise above the level of vulgar and indecent behavior. Jesus teaches us that even evil thoughts are sinful. Linda reminds us that in light of the glorius blessings in store for believers, why would we even want to engage in such ungodly behaviors.

A Personal Note

Murray, my sweet husband, has been dealing with vertigo for the past month, and we got a rolling walker which has really been a help to him. This episode has also added to his confusion.
I have a new piano student, Gwen my neighbor who lives across the alley from us. Her lessons are going to be a bright spot in the week.

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