Peter Patter Nursery Rimes Peter Patter Nursery Rimes

1.What can Mister McCune do? whistle a tune
What can Uncle Strong do? sing a song
What can Benjamin Biddle do? play on the fiddle
What can Captain O'Trigg do? dance a jig

2. What does Billy do at six o'clock? sows the seed
What does he do at 10 o'clock? hoes
To whom does he give his pumpkins? to the babies
What does he charge pretty girls for a pumpkin? a hundred kisses

3. In the rhyme what is sticky and what is sweet? candy and sugar
What do the puppies do when they run away? they never come back
Who is fat in the rhyme? Father

What is Simple Sam trying to remember? when Christmas comes
Which two months of the year are mentioned in the rhyme? April and December

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