Peter Patter Nursery Rimes Peter Patter Nursery Rimes

1. Where did his grandfather fight? on the sea
What has made the boy so brave? he had heard tales of bravery
The boy is not afraid of which three animals? tigers, lion, bear
What does he say about his sister? she's even afraid of the bark of a tree

2. What kind of boy was Percy? quiet and well-behaved
What did he feed his fish? sarsaparilla

3. What is a willow? a tree
What has the boy done to deserve a rest? the plowing and sowing
What must he do when he gets up from his nap? get a fork and rake for harvest

4. Why was the statue moaning? he's lonesome
Where was the maid? on a vase
How did she comfort the statue? she indicated she loved him

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