Suggestions for Home Bible Study

Parents are the most influential teachers a young child will have. What a serious responsibility they have toward their children! We at Garden of Praise have prepared a series of Bible lessons to help parents train their children in the ways of the Lord. We offer some suggestions for preparing the lessons for home Bible study using the story of the Creation as a model.

This is a rather intensive plan of study, equal to plans we used at the Christian school. You may modify the plans to suit the needs of your family.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

The Creation

Day 1 - Monday

At Garden of Praise go to the story of The Creation .

The child will:

1.Talk about the picture. Ask him/her questions such as
"What animals do you see? Where did they come from?
Why do you think God made plants before He made animals?"

2. Listen to the story while highlighting the words with the computer mouse.

3. Listen to the song about the Creation.

4. Do one or more online activities such as a crossword puzzle or word scramble.

5. Read the memory verse.

Day 2 - Tuesday

The child will:

1. Read the Creation story aloud to the parent if he/she is able to read the text.
If not, the parent can read the story to the child.

2. Sing the song while looking at the song page and listening to the song.

3. View a slideshow and read the captions
(or the parent can read the captions to the child).

4. Work a printable sheet such as a crossword puzzle, word scramble etc.

5. Work the online jigsaw puzzle.

6. Study the memory verse.

Day 3-Wednesday

The child will:

1. Study the Creation Memory Pegs with the parent.
The black and white posters may be printed and colored .

2. Print the Fill-in the Scripture page and fill in the blanks to finish the scripture.
(The New King James Version was used in making these pages.
See Christian Book ad below )

3. Do an online activity such as a Memory Puzzle or Guess the Word (older student)

4. Study the memory verse

5. Do the fill-in the blank test (Blue Download button in the "Printables" section).
(Answers may be written or given orally.)

Day 4 - Thursday

The child will:

1. Answer the question, "What was this story about?" then read and discuss the section
"What does this story mean to me?"

2. Take the multiple-choice test (printed version on paper). You will find it under
a Blue Download button in the "Printables" section.

3. Color a picture online

4. Work Bible "Who Am I?" online (older students)

5. Study the memory verse

Day 5 - Friday

The child will:

1. Take the Creation online test. You will find the link in the "Online Activities" section
at the top of the page.

( You may use my code 0000 or you may register and use your own code.
The test is computer graded and if the parent is registered, the results will be saved. )

2. Recite the memory verse

3. Find the blue banner "Play Online Game" and play the game at Quia.

4. Sing the song again.

Suggestions for Using the Bible CD

We would like to recommend an 18 minute video by Precious Homeschool
that shows how she has used these Bible lessons.

0842: NKJV Children"s Ministry Resource Bible, Hardcover

54948: A Child"s Book of Character Building, Book 1

Children's Bible Lessons