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Tune: "Where He Leads I'll Follow"

Verse 1:
A rul-er came to Christ, asked Him one day,
"What must I do to in-her-it e-ter-nal life?"
"Keep the com-mand-ments. you well know the ten."
"I have kept these all my life,
So what lack I then?"

"Go and sell what you have,
Give it to the poor.
You will have great trea-sure,
And of this you will be sure."

Verse 2:
"Sell all my hous-es and cat-tle and such;
This seems like an ut-ter-ly im-pos-si-ble task.
I can-not give them up. This is too much.
It is more than I ex-pect-ed Him to-o ask. "

Then he left so sad-ly.
Je-sus loved him though.
It's so hard with rich-es
For men to the king-dom go.

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