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Jesus Feeds the Multitudes

On two occasions Jesus demonstrated his miraculous power by feeding multitudes of people with just a meager amount of food at the beginning. People began to follow him for what he could do for them physically by healing them and feeding them. Once they even wanted to make him their king.

The Jews were offended when he called himself "the bread of life" and as "the living bread that came down from heaven". They did not understand at all and turned away from him because the saying was so foreign to them and hard to grasp.

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The Gospel Hand

1. Pre-Existence

2. Early Years

3. Christ's Baptism

4. Wedding Feast at Cana

5. Cleansing the Temple

6. Woman at the Well

7. Catch of Fish

8. Sermon on the Mount

9. Calming the Sea

10. Rejection and Commission

11. Feeding the 5000

12. Jesus & the Pharisees

13. Raising of Lazarus

14. The Last Week

15. Post Resurrection

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