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The Large Catch of Fish

After Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River and then tempted by the devil in the wilderness, he left Judea and returned to Galilee. He chose his disciples and they traveled with him as he went through Galilee teaching and healing.

When he returned to his hometown of Nazareth he was rejected by the people who had known him when he was growing up and becoming a man.

In Luke we read about the first miraculous catch of fish. Jesus told Peter from "now on you will catch men". Peter, Andrew, James and John left their nets and became his faithful followers.

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The Gospel Hand

1. Pre-Existence

2. Early Years

3. Christ's Baptism

4. Wedding Feast at Cana

5. Cleansing the Temple

6. Woman at the Well

7. Catch of Fish

8. Sermon on the Mount

9. Calming the Sea

10. Rejection and Commission

11. Feeding the 5000

12. Jesus & the Pharisees

13. Raising of Lazarus

14. The Last Week

15. Post Resurrection

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