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The Early Years of Christ

Only Matthew and Luke tell us anything about the early life of Jesus. They recall the events leading up to his birth to the virgin Mary and the events surrounding his birth; the appearance of the angels to the shepherds and the visit of the wise men.

We learn the family had to flee to Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod and then returned to Nazareth when it was safe. Jesus would grow up in this town.

The next time we hear of Jesus he is twelve years old and talking with the Jewish leaders in the temple. They are astonished at his knowledge and his wisdom for one so young. Little did they know they were having a discussion with God Himself!

After this time we know nothing about his life until we see him again at the start of his ministry when he comes to be baptized by John in the Jordan River.

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The Gospel Hand

1. Pre-Existence

2. Early Years

3. Christ's Baptism

4. Wedding Feast at Cana

5. Cleansing the Temple

6. Woman at the Well

7. Catch of Fish

8. Sermon on the Mount

9. Calming the Sea

10. Rejection and Commission

11. Feeding the 5000

12. Jesus & the Pharisees

13. Raising of Lazarus

14. The Last Week

15. Post Resurrection

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