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The Gospel Train

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Johnie's Introduction to the Gospel Train

The Gospel Train is a teaching method by Johnie Luker for students to learn about the life of Christ chronologically presented with a harmony of the gospels. A mnemonic employing key words, numbers, and letters help the child remember the facts and a zip code tells where the accounts are found in each of the gospels.

The first number of the zip code represents Matthew, the second Mark, the third Luke and the fourth John.


This zip code example tells us a certain event is in the 8th chapter of Matthew, the 1st chapter of Mark, the 5th chapter of Luke and is not found in John.

Learn the Key Words

The Gospel Train for Children was developed by Johnie Luker who lives in Mesquite, Texas

Johnie began teaching his little granddaughter Mercy the Gospel Train when she was three years old. She is the apple of her granddaddy's eye.

Johnie and his late wife, Ginger, raised six children of their own and cared for many more children during their lifelong ministry of serving as houseparents in various Children's Homes.

He preached for 60 years and cared for many orphan and abandoned children. He holds an MA in Public Relations and Family Care from California State University. He has taught the Gospel Train in several states and in several Christian College Lecturehips, teacher training sessions, churches, children's homes and preachers and elders meetings from Arkansas to California.

It is his hope that putting the Gospel Train on the internet will make it available to multitudes of children all over the world.

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