The Miracles of Jesus

With Memory Hooks

The Miracles of Jesus with Memory Hooks

Miracle 1
Water to Wine

Miracle 2
The Nobleman's Son

Miracle 3
The Catch of Fish

Miracle 4
Healing the Demonic

Miracle 5
Peter's Mother-in-Law

Miracle 6
The Leper Cleansed

Miracle 7
Paralytic Healed

Miracle 8
Pool of Bethesda

Miracle 9
Man with the Crippled Hand

Miracle 10
Centurion's Servant

Miracle 11
Widow of Nain's Son

Miracle 12
Blind Mute Healed

Miracle 13
Jesus Calms the Storm

Miracle 14
The Gadarene Demoniac

Miracle 15
The Bleeding Woman

Miracle 16
Raising of Jairus' Daughter

Miracle 17
Two Blind Men Healed

Miracle 18
Feeding of the 5000

Miracle 19
Jesus Walks on the Water

Miracle 20
The Syrophoenician's Daughter

Miracle 21
Deaf Mute Healed

Miracle 22
Feeding of the 4000

Miracle 23
Blind Man Healed

Miracle 24
Demon Cast from Boy

Miracle 25
Tax Money from the Fish's Mouth

Miracle 26
Man Blind from Birth

Miracle 27
Mute Man Healed

Miracle 28
The Stooped Woman Healed

Miracle 29
Man with Dropsy

Miracle 30
Raising of Lazarus

Miracle 31
10 Lepers Healed

Miracle 32
Blind Bartimaeus

Miracle 33
Fig Tree Cursed

Miracle 34
Malchus' Ear Restored

Miracle 35
Second Catch of Fish

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.I love this method of teaching children to love and know more about God. Keep it up guys, and God bless you.
Grace Etoabasi
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