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Johnie Luker and his late wife Ginger worked 40 years in 10 Christian child-care homes and taught hundreds of children throughout the world using the methods presented here, teaching them about God and the Bible. They developed lessons about the life of Christ and creatively devised a plan to help the children remember where things can be found in the scriptures. These mnemonic devices are incorporated into these stories about the miracles of Jesus.

After each of the miracle stories there is a short, clever story to help your students remember which of the four gospels record that miracle.

If there is something about the head in the story, it indicates the miracle is found in the book of Matthew. If the hands, arms, or chest are mentioned, it is found in Mark. If the waist or lower body is in the story, the miracle is in Luke. If the feet or legs are part of the story, you can read about the miracle in the book of John.

The numbers in the short story indicate the chapter in which the miracle is recorded. Pictures have been added for the benefit of the visual learner.

There is a Zip Code for each story. Example:

In Lesson 22, The Feeding of the 4000, the short story includes a crown on Jesus' head which has 15 jewels. This tells us we can read about that miracle in Matthew chapter 15.

Also in the story a crow lands on his arm and eats 8 crumbs which have fallen. This helps us to remember it is also found in Mark 8.

The miracle is not recorded in Luke or John. What is the zip code?


(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John

Miracle Index Page

The Miracles of Jesus

Water to Wine

Nobleman's Son

Catch of Fish

Healing of Demoniac

Peter's Mother-in-Law

Leper Healed

Down Through the Roof


Crippled Hand

Centurion's Servant

Widow's Son

Blind Dumb Man

Jesus Calms the Storm

Gadarene Demoniac

Bleeding Woman

Jairus' Daughter

Blind Demoniac

Feeding of the 5000

Jesus Walks on Water


Deaf Dumb Healed

Feeding of the 4000

Blind Man

Boy With Demon

Tax Money from a Fish

Man Blind From Birth

Mute Man

Stooped Woman

Man with Dropsy

Lazarus Raised

Ten Lepers Healed

Blind Bartimaeus

Fig Tree Cursed

Malchus' Ear Healed

Second Catch of Fish
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Sunday Software has video games for some of the miracles.