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The Syrophonecian's Daughter

Healing of the Syrophonecian's Daughter, Les Tres Riches Heures - du duc de Berry 15th Century

Jesus was in the area of Tyre and Sidon. These two cities which are twenty miles apart are now in the country of Lebanon.

He went into a house trying to escape the pressing crowd, but they always seemed to find out where he was. On this day a Greek woman, a Canaanite or Syrophenician, came to him. She was a Gentile, not a part of the Jewish people. The Jews would not have any dealings with the Gentiles and thought of them as "dogs".

This woman had a young daughter who was possessed by a devil. She came to Jesus for healing for her child. She said, "Have mercy on me, O Lord, son of David."

At first Jesus would not answer her at all, but she kept following and crying out to him. His disciples wanted him to send her away.

He finally turned to her and said, "I am only supposed to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." This meant he was only supposed to preach to the Jews. The Gentiles would have the blessing of being welcomed into the kingdom later.

Jesus said to her, "It isn't right to take food away from the children (Jews) and give it to the dogs (Gentiles)." The woman didn't want to hear these words, but she persisted.

"Lord, that's true, but even dogs get crumbs that fall from the master's table", she said.

Jesus said, "Great is your faith. It will be done even as you ask."

Even though Jesus did not go to her daughter, he could heal her from a distance. The devil left the child and she was made well at the very time he spoke the words.

Matthew 15:21-28

Mark 7:24-30

Zip Code 15-700

Memory Hook

There is a little girl lying on my couch. She has sprouted horns because she has a bad demon in her body. Her nose is very long and still growing. (Hold your hand out in front of your face to show how long her nose is.) She has 15 measles on the end of her nose. Count them. (Have the children touch their noses 15 times as they count out loud.) What a terrible malady!

Her mother handed her a 7 Up to drink. She held it in her hand, but she could hardly drink it. Her nose was in the way!

nose+15 = Matthew 15
hand+7 = Mark 7


This zip code means the account is found in the 15th chapter of Matthew (15), the 7th chapter of Mark (7). It is not found in Luke or John (00).

(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John


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