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The Gadarene Demoniac

Jesus Casts Demons from the Gadarene Demoniac

Jesus and the disciples sail across the Sea of Galilee to the shores of Gadara. A wild man named Legion (with 1,000 demons in him) assails Jesus! This man lives in the cemetery and goes into the city at night yelling and screaming, scaring people out of their wits. He does not have clothes on and he cuts himself with sharp stones. The men gang up and overpower him, put him in chains and try to restrain him, but he breaks the chains and locks as though they were made of string!

Jesus heals the man by casting the Legion of demons out of the man into a herd of 2000 pigs that suddenly go wild! The pigs rushed into the sea and drowned. The townspeople come to see what Jesus has done. They can't believe their eyes. The man, named Legion, is calmly sitting at the feet of Jesus, fully clothed and in his right mind!

The people in town ask Jesus to leave. No doubt, they were the owners of the pigs. But, the former demoniac wants to follow Jesus and tell of his love. He becomes a great missionary in the cities around Lake Galilee.

There are five recorded miracles in this period of Jesus' life.

This is the fourteenth recorded miracle of the thirty-five miracles.

Matthew 8:28-34

Mark 5:1-20

Luke 8:26-39

Zip Code 8580

Memory Hook

I am sitting in my busy office. The words on the office door inform people that I am a psychiatrist, a magician, and also and exorcist specializing in casting out demons.

A black crow ate (8) the hat off my head a little while ago, so I am hatless. He has eaten several lately.

I use batons in my magic show. For practice I am twirling 5 batons in my hands at one time!

Here comes that black crow again. He ate (8) my cornbread belt which was around my waist ! I'll just go without a belt. Today I am going to try to cast out the demons from that wild man who has been terrorizing the town.

head+8 = Matthew 8
hands+5 = Mark 5
waist+8 = Luke 8


This zip code means the account is found in the 8th chapter of Matthew (8), the 5th chapter of Mark (5), the 8th chapter of Luke (8) and not found in John (0)

(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John


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