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The Nobleman's Son

Jesus Heals the Nobleman's Son

Jesus had previously visited the city of Cana when he had attended a wedding feast there. We recall that he did his first miracle at Cana when he provided the wine for the wedding feast. Do you think people had talked about what had happened at the feast? No doubt the word had gotten around and people were aware of his great power to perform miracles.

He has returned to that city and a certain man, a nobleman, comes to him for help. His son is very sick in Capernaum, a town which is 20-25 miles from Cana. It is about a day's walk and uphill all the way. The nobleman has faith that Jesus can heal his son and asks him to come down to Capernaum because the boy is about to die.

Does Jesus go with the man? No, he doesn't go, but he says to the father, "Go your way, your son lives." The father believes the words of Jesus that even though he is miles away, he can do this wonderful thing for his child.

As he was going back to his home his servants meet him and say, "Your son lives!"
"When did he get well?" he asks.
They told him that around noon, the seventh hour, the fever left him. That was the very time he had been talking to Jesus and Jesus had told him, "Your son lives!"

The man and all his household believed in Jesus. What a demonstration of his power!

This was the second miracle that Jesus did.

John 4:46-54

Zip Code 0004

Memory Hook

The nobleman was so happy to have his son well again he went to the tailor to patch his pants which had holes in the knees down near the feet. What? Memory hook! The man had been on his knees so long praying he had worn holes in the knees of the pants. The tailor only had cloth from an old shirt to repair it.

He said, "Go ahead, do it!" The tailor sewed patches on the front and back of the pant legs, making 4 patches.

So it became a fad to sew 4 patches on the knees of your pants legs.

(Go through the story with motions and ask your students to follow your movements.)

feet+4 = John 4

This zip code means the account is not found in Matthew, Mark, or Luke (000), but it is found in the 4th chapter of John (4).

(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John


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