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The Centurion's Servant

Healing of the  Centurion's Servant

Jesus entered the city of Capernaum. In the city was a man, a Roman soldier who was the captain over 100 soldiers. He was a centurion. His servant was very sick to the point of being ready to die. This soldier was admired by many including the elders of the Jews. They said he loved their nation and even built a synagogue for them. Even as a Gentile he was allowed to worship with them in this place of worship.

The centurion sent the elders of the Jews to Jesus to plead for him that Jesus would heal his servant who was paralyzed. As they neared the house he sent friends to tell Jesus it wasn't necessary for him to come to the house, but just to say the word and his servant would be healed. What faith he had in Jesus!

The soldier felt he was unworthy for Jesus to come to his house. Being a man of authority he know just a word from Jesus could accomplish the healing. As a captain he could tell a soldier what to do and it would be done immediately. He trusted in the authority of Jesus in the same way.

Jesus was amazed at the amount of faith the man had. He said, "I have not found such a great faith even in Israel."

When the men returned to the house they found that indeed the servant had been healed even though Jesus came nowhere near him.

This miracle is in the middle (summer) of the Great Galilean Ministry. (year 2) People from every neighboring community come to hear him tell of His Father's love and mercy!

This is the tenth recorded miracle of Jesus.

Matthew 8:5-13

Luke 7:1-10

Zip Code 8070

Memory Hook

In our memory story we are going to describe the man not only as a centurion (an officer over 100 soldiers), but also as a postmaster. It is Christmas and the packages are all stacking up to be mailed. His favorite helper is sick at home and about to die! What a backup in the post office! Wow, he really needs some help. He is so busy he does not even have time to eat the lunch his wife brought him an hour ago.

He told her, "Just put the sandwich in my hat on my head and that's what she did. However, a black crow came along and ate (8) his hat to get the sandwich.

"Oh, well", he said. "I still have the 7 Up in my hip pocket. Maybe I'll get to it after awhile."

What! Where is that in the Bible? I didn't say it was in the Bible. This is a funny picture, a memory hook to help us remember where this miracle is found in the gospels.

head+8 = Matthew 8
hip+7 = Luke 7


This zip code means the account is found in the 8th chapter of Matthew (8). It is not in Mark (0), but in the 7th chapter of Luke (7) and not found in the gospel of John (0)

(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John


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I just found this page and it is wonderful. I was able to supplement my Sunday School story with a word scramble. The kids will love it! Thank you!
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